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Oak - Mrs Moody

Welcome to Oak Class - Year 1

School Closure

During school closure there will be activities added each week to our class page. If there is anything you need please let me know when I phone you.

Take care everyone.

Home learning

Week beginning 6th July



Home learning week beginning 29th June
Home learning week 22nd June
Home learning


Please spend time practising number formation and number recognition.


Hi everyone, some activities you may wish to do.

  • Go on a nature walk. Look for different colours, shapes and textures of natural objects. Collect them and make a collage.
  • Have a mini beast hunt. How many different mini beasts can you find?
  • Sounds in nature. What can you hear in your garden? What can you hear when you are out and about.
  • Collect different leaves. You could use these to create a picture or use them to print.

For those of you who would like more activities to do with your child I have added some phonics work like the children had for homework. Please read the words and sentences and then ask your child to write a sentence with the word in.


ay play stay may
day tray clay hay
He went to play with the clay on the tray on a hot day in May.


ou about sound cloud
loud out found proud
She played outside and found a clay tray.


ie tried cried pie
fried tie spied denied

The man spied a fried pie.


ea sea read treat
repeat heap bead seat
For a treat the children went to the sea.


School closure


There are many activities and websites to keep your children busy at this time. Please take a look at the links and ideas below.


Each day your child will require their reading bag, PE kit and water bottle in school.

Please bring PE kit on a Monday and collect on a Friday. Oak class have PE on a Thursday and a Friday, however this can sometimes change so please ensure they have a PE kit in school all week.


Please can you make sure their name is on all PE kits and uniform as we have found some clothes which unfortunately do not have names in and no-one has claimed them.

All pupils in the class take turns in the role of helping hands for the day. This involves them helping with routine jobs in the classroom, for example giving out the milk and biscuits.


Celebrating good work and behaviour

Children collect stamps towards Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Stamps are given to celebrate something the child has achieved or for their good behaviour.

Oak class also have a class reward system to celebrate children's achievements. Children put their name in the reward box. On a Friday 2 names are picked from the box and the children choose a reward from the treasure chest.


Celebration Assembly

We celebrate achievements as a whole school once a week in our Celebration Assembly. Children show their fantastic work or talk about what they have done. The children receive a Star of the Week certificate.


Look out for your child receiving a Star of the Week certificate  smiley





Please read with your child each day and write in their reading passport.

More information about homework will follow.

Contact the teacher