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Update on school lockdown

Dear All,

Thank you for your understanding and your prompt response this afternoon.

We contacted the police for further advice to check that this was a credible threat and our first priority was to keep the children safe. As an extra measure we moved all Eastlands children up to Netherfield.

We have procedures outlined for circumstances such as these and the only option open to us was to go into full lockdown. We realise that this may have inconvenienced some people, but the safety of the children is paramount and we needed to secure the whole site.

The advice from the police was that the children should be taken straight home by an adult and this is why we did not allow any Eastlands children to walk home alone.

This was a nationwide threat for a specific time of day and a specific date.

School will be open tomorrow as usual.

With kind regards,

Julie Rischer and Rosie Davies