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Boiler Information

Dear All,

Engineers have been out this afternoon and have now given the boiler a clean bill of health.

The issue in school today was caused by the failure of an exhaust fan designed to extract wood smoke from the boiler. This resulted in wood smoke being released into the boiler house, which is adjacent to the kitchen. Staff in the kitchen were complaining of a burning smell.

As a precaution we evacuated the school.

The engineers stated that the fan tripping is a safety cut out feature and is there to prevent complete boiler failure. This, unfortunately, means that this could happen again. If so, we will have to follow the same procedure for school closure as we did today.

As a result of today’s events we have asked for an audible early warning detector to be fitted so that we know immediately if the fan trips again. We are also scheduling an extra maintenance visit as a bearing in the fan may have to be changed.

We are really sorry if you were inconvenienced today, however, we ensured that we followed Health and Safety procedures in order to keep everyone in school safe.

School will be open tomorrow and please be assured that your children will be perfectly safe.

With best wishes,

Julie Rischer and Rosie Davies