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Yew - Miss Butler

Welcome to Yew Class - Year 2


Miss Butler and Mrs Cave will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.
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Each day your child will require their reading bag, PE kit and water bottle in school.

Please can you make sure their name is on all PE kits and uniform as we have found some clothes which unfortunately do not have names in and no-one has claimed them.


Celebration Time

All pupils take turns in the role of helping hands for the day. We also have in class reward systems to celebrate your child’s work and behaviour, look out for our celebration board too.

Celebration Assembly

We celebrate as a whole school once a week in celebration assembly

Look out for your child receiving Star of the Week certificate


What happens in Year Two?

Year 2 is the summary of your child’s work throughout their learning journey at Netherfield Infant and Nursery School and a time to prepare for their transition to Junior School.

During the Year your child will work towards the National Expected Outcomes for the end of Key Stage one. Throughout May your child will complete Statutory Assessments, known as SAT s, in Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, this is supported by on-going teacher assessment which will provide their Nationally recognised level of attainment. It is essential that your child attends school throughout  May in order to access all tests.

You will be informed of your child’s attainment in the Summer Term of Year Two using the following descriptors / codes.

IGD in greater depth, meaning children working above Age Related

NS, meaning children working at Age Related

WT and PKF, meaning children working below or well below the Age Related expectations.



You may like to look at past SATS papers using this link


We had great fun on Pirate day.


We dressed as pirates and walked the plank. We made paper plate parrots and played battleships.

Look at some of our photographs



The children enjoyed their transition visit to meet Miss Butler and Mrs Cave in Year Two. During the visit they drew self portraits, take a look at them on our Celebration wall.


Wednesday is spelling day your child will be sent a set of common exception words to practise which they will then be tested on the following Wednesday. Many thanks for you continued support.

Week 1 for the next 2 weeks of homework we will be looking at different ways of making a plural.   

Please practise at home for our spelling test on 03.04.19

 Many thanks

Regular Words (s)

car                               cars

tray                              trays

bar                              bars

bear                            bears

king                             kings


Words Ending in ‘x,sh ch’  (add es)

box                              boxes             

fox                               foxes

church                        churches        

match                         matches

brush                           brushes




Today we worked with The Trees for Learning Project and had fun planting trees donated by Greenwood Community Forest on the school site.


Here are a few photographs.